Importance of Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is the key to getting over injuries quicker, as it gets vital oxygen and nutrients flowing through the body, in order to aid recovery.

Below are some leaflets to rehabilitation exercises for your information and use. These leaflets have been provided to help you establish a programme of rehabilitation exercises for shoulder dysfunction. If, at any stage, you feel pain or undue discomfort please stop and contact us for further advice. The information contained within these leaflets have been provided in good faith and no liability whatsoever is accepted for any issues arising from the exercises or advice contained within it. Links have also been provided to other websites showing exercises that you may find useful. Please see our Terms in regards to the use of third party links.

Shoulder Rehabilitation Exercises - Phase 1

Shoulder Rehabilitation Exercises - Phase 2

Shoulder Rehabilitation Exercises - Phase 3

Frozen Shoulder Stretching Exercises

Exercises for back pain - NHS Choices website

Exercises to manage knee pain - Arthritis Research UK website

Knee exercises for runners - NHS Choices website

Need help with rehabilitation?


What Clients Say

Nikki gave me a single treatment for tennis elbow and this provided immediate relief and lasting effects. I have been playing tennis and ringing church bells actively again for the past year without pain. Thank you Nikki for giving back to me two of my passions in life.

L Thornton

Just a quick email to thank you for your help yesterday. It was a great help to me and I found out more info on my knee than any one had given me previously. I will definitely come and see you again.

J Williams

I’m so pleased that I found Nikki; an excellent massage therapist living locally. The treatments I have with her, deep tissue massage and myofascial release, certainly help me to stay active and mobile by relieving my chronic degenerative disc and muscle spasm conditions, thank you.

J Hague

I just wanted to say that we were very pleased with your treatment. My shoulder really seems to have unwound itself and my left upper arm is better, and I didn't have numb fingers this morning. I was very tired on Tuesday but had a cup of tea when we came back and was as good as new again. You are a very interesting and capable person.

E Ferrar

During my attempt to run the five major marathons in 2007, I went to Nikki for deep tissue massage both before and after each marathon.  She even prepared some special aromatherapy massage oils and balm that I used during the marathons.  Without her “healing hands” completing the challenge of running all 5 major marathons in the same year would have been a lot more painful!

M Frankum